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Watershed Highschool Watershed Highschool

Watershed School Introduction

Education is the key to national success. Itís based on this dictum that Watershed School, an independent educational institution located in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, has taken the challenge upon itself to contribute its quota to national development.
Since the inception of this noble institution in 2010, it has been supporting the community by providing quality education for the learners in Grades ranging from 8 to 12 and assisting the learners for upgrading their matric.
Now the school is under the new management and they have revived the functionality of the school at a greater level in all aspects. Matric result has been targeted for a 100% pass rate every year. Special attention is given to Mathematics, Science subjects and Accounting to assist learners who are pursuing scarce skilled courses like Medicine, Engineering and Commercial subjects at tertiary level.
Watershed school can boast of its highly efficient and visionary leadership as well as well-trained, well-qualified, competent and devoted teachers who are always prepared to assist the learners. At Watershed school, we are looking at the holistic development of a child and therefore various extra-curricular activities are in place and it is compulsory for each learner to take part in one or more activities.
The Director Board has already acquired a very big and beautiful land for the school. Our learners will be enjoying the new building for the school with all the modern facilities and technologies which will be completed very soon.

Welcome to Watershed

Watershed School also has a successful past and present, but it also formed looking dynamic organisation, committed to seeing excellence in the future,Watershed School status has helped to place the school at the forefront of educational progress, providing and educational experience that is international, technological and vocational.

Watershed School is a member of English olympiad, which is a national competition run by the Grahamstown Foundation and the South Africa Council for English Education, which promote language and creativity skills and science. We have vibrant clubs, Mathematics Club, Science Club and Debate Club. Learnerís are compulsorily required to be a effective member in one of the school clubs.

We value each and every one of our pupils and they are at the very center of all that we do. By recognising their unique needs and aspirations, providing equal opportunities and caring environment, our pupils are able to flourish and achieve their best.

Watershed School is now under new management who are part of Beacon College (Malelane) one of the top 10 matric in Mpumalanga,has achieved 100% in 2014 and Calvin College (Burgersfort) one of the best school in Limpopo.

Watershed school is an independent institution located in Nelspruit Mpumalanga Province. For the past six years, the School can boast of well taught Maths and Science students who are pursuing further education in scarce skilled courses (Engineering, Medicine etc.) in various universities in the country. The school can boldly count on its leadership and highly trained, devoted, competent and motivated teachers to achieve high standards. These teachers are highly experienced for any challenge they may face. Our Aim is to have a maximum of 30 learners per class to enhance student-teacher interaction and a conductive learning atmosphere. Our promise to you is, come and join us and together we will conquer.

Sport: The school is very active in sport. The school soccer team took part I the metropolitan cup and progressed up to the semi-final stage in 2013.The team also finished second on the league table.

E-Learning: has been introduced as a pilot project as from in 2014

Boarding facilities: the school has limited Boarding facilities which can accommodate 20 boys and 40 girls.

Transport: we have a school bus for educational trips and recreational purposes.

Computer & Science Lab: fully equipped computer and science laboratory.

Text Books: free textbooks for grade 8-9 and 10-12 (Limited)